I am very grateful for the coaching. You provoked thought and discussion that drove action and change in my behavior that has already proved to be so valuable.
— SVP, Consumer Packaged Goods
Wow! That conversation was life altering! Around you I am never, ever the same.
— Real Estate agent
What is the story you tell yourself?

Byron Katie says, “Without your story, you’re perfectly fine.”
What's even more true is that you are ALWAYS perfectly fine! With or without your story. 

You are already living in overflowing abundance.

Rather than something to be achieved, I have come to see that Overflowing Abundance is what is already present in my life. I just have to look for it. And the more I look for it, the more of it I find.

Effortless Abundance

Abundance is experienced effortlessly when we are not focused on its absence.

My Dirty Little Secret: I Have An Executive Coach

Great article by Harley Finkelstein COO of Shopify.  This guy is really, really smart :-)

This article provides great points on what makes coaching effective.

As a leader, what is your mindset around accountability? Some leaders believe that people resist accountability. When you are acting based on a false premise it makes you ineffective. Coaching from the mindset that people resist accountability causes you to believe that your job is to create sufficient pressure to overcome that resistance. But what happens when you apply pressure to people (think about your kids or your spouse)? You increase their resistance to you! And how do you overcome increased resistance? You increase the pressure - which causes their resistance to get stronger! Remember the definition of insanity?