Effortless Abundance

"We don't create abundance.  Abundance is always present.  We create limitation."          - Arnold Patent

Abundance is always present. Yet we don't always experience of abundance.  That's because scarcity is also always present; as is love, joy, sadness, despair, satisfaction and any other experience. We are alive in a universe of infinite possibility. Anything is available to be experienced in any moment. As we direct consciousness into that vastness and focus upon some aspect; we tune in to one thing and tune out everything else. We are always experiencing what we are focused upon in the moment. As we focus on scarcity we have that experience. As we focus on abundance we have that experience. As we focus on love we have that experience.   

You get what you think about whether you want it or not.  

Your current experience never tells you about your circumstances (i.e. your income or bank balance). Your experience tells you only about your focus in the moment. Your focus is just thought. And as thought changes (as it always does); your experience shifts with it. But changing thought is not something you 'do'. Rather, thought is already always changing. You don't need to do anything. Trying to change thought is a trap. It only brings more attention to the thought you are trying to change.  And whatever you give attention to becomes more; it gets bigger.  

What you resist persists.

So relax. You are not in charge. Thought simply arises. You do not choose thought. Ever changing thought just comes to mind. If you doubt this, then from this point forward choose to have only good thoughts about your boss (or spouse or kids). Go ahead. Since you're the one choosing your thoughts this will be easy. 

When you are ready to give that up you might see something beyond it. We always have freedom of mind no matter our current experience or circumstances (Victor Frankl personified this truth). There is no thing and no one that can make you think anything. As thought arises, you are free to focus on it or to let it be. And since thought is like a seed, it can only grow when planted in your mind through your focus. 

So instead of trying to control thought (which you can't), let it be. When thought comes knocking on your door, you don't have to let it in. When you let thought be; it will let you be. And in that freedom of mind, new thought always arises. As you allow thoughts of scarcity, doubt and anxiety to pass (like all thought does), you open up space for more useful, abundant and joyous thought. And with new thought comes a whole new experience and reality. 

Abundance is experienced effortlessly when we are not focused on its absence.