Executive Coaching

Unleash new possibilities in your performance and results!

Executive coaching is an engaging and intentional conversation that generates new thinking beyond your current limits.  Create new possibilities and ways of being that produce extraordinary results in any area that's important to you.

"Everyone needs a coach" Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt (Google CEO)


Do what you love.  Love what you do.  

Transform your career into an expression of what's important to you. Imagine living life from a purpose that gives you energy and vitality - rather than driven by a career that drains both.  Your life becomes natural and effortless.  You experience overflowing abundance.

When Atul Gawande hit a plateau in his career as a surgeon, he turned to coaching.

Dominic’s coaching helped me move past barriers that were limiting my overall success and happiness as I stepped into an executive role.
— HR Director
Thank you for holding the space for me and for believing in me without judgement!
— CEO, Consumer Products Manufacturer

Team Coaching

We work with your whole team to build its capability for stronger performance. 

Our approach to team coaching is to work with your team as a “system”.  Applying the principles of Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), we develop the capability of the entire system; something far more powerful and sustainable than focusing on individual members.  Stronger relationships, cooperation, trust and positivity are outcomes that produce outstanding team results. This approach draws from the best of coaching, psychology, organizational development, quantum physics, and process work.

Manager Coaching Skills:  Connect with other leaders and people managers who share tips, tools and resources to strengthen your coaching skills.

Manager Coaching Skills:

Connect with other leaders and people managers who share tips, tools and resources to strengthen your coaching skills.

Award winning Coaching Skills Training program


Develop your leaders and people managers.  Increase their ability to impact the performance and results of their people. 

Good coaching skills are essential for managers to effectively develop, support and align their people. Investments in the development of your people managers can significantly impact your organization's results.    

We offer a unique and proven system to build manager's coaching ability.  Our practical approach combines on-the-job practice with efficient and focused training interventions over a period of 4 to 6 months.  Instead of just learning about coaching in a classroom, managers are coached as they  apply their new skills to ensure they can apply them with ease and confidence.

I knew what I wanted from my career and could see that to reach my goal I had to be on a different path, but the new direction was unclear. I spent time thinking through options and ideas, yet month after month I took no action. Nothing changed.

I began coaching with Dominic really unsure how this would help. Very quickly, through what seemed like effortless conversation, my path became clear. Not by Dominic telling me what to do, but by me cutting through the noise to see what I really wanted. With clarity the change became obvious and easy. He provided expert guidance through what was ultimately a major career change, maintaining my confidence and focus along the way.
— Corporate careerist to Entrepreneur
Thank you for your leadership and all you do to help us become better! Thank you for caring about me and supporting my efforts to become an extraordinary coach.
— Sales Manager, Telecommunications