Access Breakthrough By Playing At The Edge!

In what areas of your life are you committed to something more, something new, something beyond what you have known? One area for me is growing and expanding my business. Another is running, where I am training for another marathon and an improved finish time.  

As you look at your own areas begin to notice how your current results and performance come from what you already do; how you do it; and who you are being as you do it (e.g. inspired, caring, victim, leader, etc.).  Begin to notice how much of this is rather familiar and comfortable.  In these areas, you might see there are the things you do and the things you don't do.  What you say and what you don't say. People you interact with and those you don't interact with.  It's like there's a box you play inside of. And you have the results that are available inside that box. 

What might happen if you began paying attention to the edges?  Begin to get curious about these edges.  What if you begin to 'play' at the edge?  Imagine doing something different; speaking with someone new; or trying out a different way of being (e.g. more casual/authentic vs "professional") in this area.  What new results might be possible if you went beyond your current edge?  Breakthroughs in performance and results are available just beyond the edge.  Challenge yourself to play out there. Play without attachment, striving or struggling.  And see what happens.