I used to think abundance was all about "more". More than whatever I had. More can never be experienced right now.  It can only be experienced someday. When you  believe "more is better", you are present to scarcity and "not enough" (money, time, stuff).  In order to obtain abundance, you might even get busy accumulating "more".  The trouble is, even after you get more you still do not experience abundance - as it will continue to be about even more. 

Imagine instead that abundance is always present. Something to be noticed rather than to be achieved. Consider abundance is something you are either aware of or not. You are either awake to your abundance or asleep to it.  

Begin a list of what you value and appreciate in your life. Each day notice the abundance in your life; write it down; appreciate it; share with others about what you are thankful for in your life. 

And relax.  Abundance was there all along. You can now appreciate it instead of striving for it.