Change Your Life By Changing Conversations

Over the past few months much has shown up in my life about the power of conversations.  When I did my coaching certification we studied Fierce Conversations (by Susan Scott).  One of the organizations I am doing work with hands out a book called Difficult Conversations.  My brother recently completed a program at work called Crucial Conversations.  And I am about to begin a 10 month program that has people consider themselves as a "network of conversations".

It is quite powerful to look at your life and consider what you are saying; what you are talking about; who you are speaking with; and even who you are not speaking with that you could.  I began to see the impact of the conversations I have. This was quite vivid in my own family.  As one example, I see that over half the conversations I have with my 9 year old son are some form of: 'brush your teeth', 'get ready for school', 'have you done your homework?', 'why aren't you eating properly?'. It is clear to me that these conversations limit and have an impact on our relationship. I also see how so many possibilities exist for new conversations that I do not currently have with my son.  

On Saturday afternoon, he and I were on our own and I began a conversation called "What do you like about your life?".  He and I talked back and forth about what we each like about our life.  It was magical and it took our time together in a whole new direction.  What is so incredible is how easy and simple it is.  I am having so much fun with this.  Yesterday during a run with my wife, I began a new conversation, "How would you like to grow and develop over the coming year?".  In talking about something new we learned more about each other and deepened our relationship. I am looking forward to playing with this some more.  What might happen as I change the conversations in my business - both 'what' I talk about as well as the people with whom I speak?

Are you ready to have some fun?  Give this a try.  Change your life; change your relationships; change your results; simply by changing what you talk about and with whom. Let me know what happens as you play with this!