Wake Up To Extraordinary People All Around You!

I attended a social event a while back with over 100 people. It looked like a typical cocktail party or networking meeting. Some people I knew and many I didn't know.  An interesting difference about the event, there were questions were posted on the walls to consider and share about. "What is most important in your life?", "What inspires you?", "What are you focused on right now?"  Those aren't the exact questions (I don't remember them anymore) but that was the flavor.
I shared with people about those questions (and whatever other topics that led to).  The conversation allowed us to connect with each other at a much deeper level than usual.  The impact was incredible. I felt  energized, moved and inspired. Not my normal feelings at a typical networking event. I met the most extraordinary people. I experienced a deeper connection and affinity for the people that I knew and also for many that I just met for the first time. 

As I looked around the room, it occurred to me this was as random a group as I might see in a mall. I had the realization that inspiration is all around me all the time.  My waiter at the restaurant. My dry cleaner.  It only takes a slight change in my "automatic" conversation to mutually inspire and create a memorable moment with another. 
You have the power to be inspired anywhere, with anyone.  Will you give it a try?