The Secret To Effortless Results

I am enjoying great business results. I continue to gain new clients and increased revenue, yet I have no marketing plan. And despite my sales experience, I do not engage in sales activity such as prospecting, building a pipeline, qualifying and converting leads, etc.  Instead, I am regularly delighted with emails and calls from people wanting conversations about how I might serve them.  It all feels effortless.  My business plan is simply to “attract” clients. 

For some time that didn't seem right. I kept hearing this voice, coming from a 20-year corporate career:  "You need a proper marketing plan. You have to identify a target market and your ideal client profile.  You must make calls and meet with 'prospects' in order to 'close' enough business to achieve your sales targets".  I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I didn’t even have sales targets, let alone a plan to achieve them. I still don’t. 

I tried listening to that voice. I remember, early on, setting a goal with my coach to meet with 10 ‘prospects’ over the following two weeks. It seemed sensible, yet I was not inspired. I felt stressed, anxious and uncomfortable. The whole exercise dragged me down.  How can any positive thing come from such energy?  

Outcomes are infused with the energy used to create them. Pay attention to its quality as this is the energy you will get back. When you struggle doing something you hate in order to earn millions; those dollars contain that same energy when you go to enjoy your wealth.  The ends are not justified by the means; they are permeated with them. 

Get aligned with your inspiration, passion and aliveness. Focus on doing more of what you love.  And take care of yourself so you can be at your best. In my case, that includes meditating, journaling, running, and enjoying time with my family.  That's a key part of my business plan. By being at your best, contributing and making a difference - you are presented with even more occasions to do so. Your energy and vibration is attractive. People, opportunities and resources are drawn to you.  And of course, customers are happy and business is great.  

When you are “being” your best, action is natural and effortless (even when it’s not easy). Promise yourself to "do" (take action) only from this state of "being".  When faced with a problem or disappointing results, instead of trying to “do” something to fix it, refocus first on who you are "being" and later allow appropriate action to naturally arise.  

Be great. Express your best self. Then notice and enjoy the effortless, extraordinary results.