Living A More Passionate Life

What are the things about which you are passionate?  How can you pay more attention and spend more time in your passions?  I am getting some first hand experience with these questions.   

A few weeks ago I did an exercise to clarify my passions (from the book The Passion Test).  I was rather surprised when these narrowed down to Vitality, Family, Freedom, Greatness and Abundance.  I did not see how spending time in these areas could be practical.  I understand, however, that if these areas give me energy, then life is trying to tell me something - so it's probably best to listen.

My experience since has been incredible. I am learning more about how to express and live these passions.  Vitality is expressed through my running.  Family shows up through 'being with' and really listening to my kids, wife, mom, brother and more.  Freedom is expressed through keeping significant open space in my schedule with no appointments and few deadlines.  Greatness is present when I'm coaching and listening for what is extraordinary in others.  (this really lights me up).  And finally, Abundance is alive when I express gratitude for all that I have. 

I'm noticing it takes faith to live more consistently from your passions; trusting that more time and attention on  things that energize you is somehow what we are meant to do. There's little striving when living in my passions.  I don't seem to be going after anything.  I am just enjoying.  I notice it's easy to feel guilty.  Something about it even feels passive, like I should stop this and really strive after some goals or something.  It is absolutely luxurious.  I'm already starting to see the fruits of it in surprising and delightful ways - even business results achieved with ease.  But I won't say much more about that.  This isn't about a 'strategy' to live your passions "in order to" achieve something.  Living your passions is a gift you give yourself. And I am noticing it turns into a gift and contribution to others.  What an awesome design life has.