You are already living in overflowing abundance.

Enjoy this free podcast where I speak about how to create abundance.  Here are some highlights summarized by the host Lian Brook-Taylor:

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Dominic points not just to abundance but overflowing abundance – as in, life is so abundant we could never use it up in our life times, or even 2o to 30 lifetimes.  In Dominic’s in own words: “It seems to me that abundance is ‘innate’ – like joy, love, wellbeing. We live in overflowing abundance. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t – but it’s always present. There is far more air than I will ever need in my lifetime. There is far more sunshine than I will ever need. There are far more opportunities to contribute to others than I can ever engage with; far more potential clients than I could ever work with; far more human beings than I could ever be in close relationship with; far more foods to taste; paths to walk; books to read; songs to listen to; art to experience; sunsets to enjoy; places to visit (near and far)…  Rather than something to be achieved, I have come to see that Overflowing Abundance is already here if I look for it. And the more I look for it, the more I find.” I love that!
  • You almost certainly already have areas of your life that you’re already tapped into overflowing abundance, it’s the areas where you already see ease involved, events just happen, things just show up. It’s the areas that you already have a natural, strong interest, energy and passion.
  • When we don’t have enough of something in our lives it’s because we have a block to seeing overflowing abundance in that area. We don’t create abundance, abundance is always present but we can use thought to create lack and limitation. Think about the area of your life you want to see overflowing abundance in – is the feeling icky, close and fearful or open, free flowing and full of possibilities? If it’s the former then you’re better putting your attention elsewhere. Life is working perfectly, and an aspect of life is overflowing abundance, it’s never broken so if that’s not your experience then it’s because your thinking is creating a block to seeing it. When we’re willing to let go of the attachment to what we don’t want, we create the space to see what we want and the solution within it.
  • When we’re in fully in alignment in one area, all other areas of life overflow with abundance too. Being in the flow of life has a compounding effect that builds momentum.